*Set your main group to Public. You will be surprised how many people will find your group or be referred from other members

*If you choose to have a higher level then you can have a second group to put people into.  This can even be a paid group for the more advanced/serious marketers

*Make sure you have Rockstar branding throughout your group.  You want your header to rock, and your profile pic should be a person not an object

*Make sure you state your rules under the group description, they must know what you expect

*Find a few key members to be admins in your groups.  You can give them access to your courses or training for free or even offer them a free strategy session in return for just watching and responding to the group.

*When your new members hit the group, have a nice welcome post.  In that post, be as generous as you possibly can.  Have various training, eBook and gifts for them.  Remember this is their first impression of you.  Make them fall head over heels.

*It’s ok to promote.  However, you need to make sure what you are promoting is HIGH QUALITY.  I would say that your posts for promotion need to be 10-1.  Which means you are going to give 10 times, and then sell…. remember you have to be that NICE GUY.

*Have a set agenda for your group. Setup special days where you do a Q&A session, or maybe you have a day where you do a live training session.  We are getting ready to have a day where we allow promotions on just that one day.  Keep trying different things

*GO LIVE!  Just do it.!  Encourage other members to do it.  Setup rewards for them if they do go LIVE.  This will make all the difference in the world.

*Finally, BE CONSISTENT.  The minute you quit caring about your group.  The minute you quit going live.  The minute you quit talking to them… the group will fizzle away.  Keep your eye on the prize and show them you have their best interests at heart.

Now get out there and make a difference in the world!

If you have any comments or questions, please get in touch with me anytime.