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Join us for our monthly summits for YOU! These summit events are none like any other that you have been to!

Hi, I am Sohaila and I am the founder of the Escondido Small Business Network Summit. I have been an entrepreneur for over 40 years and I know whats it’s like to struggle in your business. I also know what it’s like to believing in people only to get burned. This is why I decided to make this platform for all businesses to come together and help each other by using a great tool to network and refer businesses to each other. On top of that I bring in six figure earners that teach us how they succeeded with tips and strategies to use in our own businesses!

Try one of our summits today. You will see that this is the go to summit to be at EVERY MONTH!

Network with top business owners, learn from the best Entrepreneurs in the world. Network with like minded business owners just like you that are making touchdowns with their businesses.

Learn tips and strategies how to turn leads into clients much more faster than what you might be doing now!

Expert speakers will teach how to get it done NOW, why wait!!!

Join us for the next Escondido Small Business Network Summit and learn how to make a home run with your business. 


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Being that I had no clue what I was going to learn at this event and I’m completely FLOORED, I’m simply anxious to attend another event to take away everything I possibly can to apply it to growing my business! 

Herman 'Kaeci' Carter


I met Sohaila at a Networking event and this is when I heard about the Escondido Small Business Network Summit. I give this event a 10!  Lots of great information  on marketing your business to the next level. I highly recommend all business owners come to this event. You will not be disappointed! 

Nancy Stucka

Hairstyling by Nancy Sticka

I met Sohaila at a Networking event. I saw right away her energy and passion for what she is doing. The Escondido Small Business Summit was truly amazing. I learned the importance of reaching the right people who make the decisions on LinkedIn by the awesome keynote speaker. This summit is a must! 

Brenda Wright

Dynamic Pay

I learned about the Escondido Small Business Network Summit thru a Facebook Ad. I didnt’ know what to expect, but after coming, it blew my mind! I highly recommend coming to this event and learn from top experts that Sohaila brings in!
Amanda Buckner

Untamed Fitness and Martial Arts, LLC